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Industrial Microwave Chili Powder Drying and Sterilization Machine

Industrial Microwave Chili Powder Drying and Sterilization Machine

Product Description Microwave's unique characteristics of pnetration, radiation, absorption, etc. Determine that the grain dryer microwave dryer has a fast drying...
  • 1-2workers
  • Electricity
  • 2t
  • Herb Fruit Food Vegetable Seafood Wood etc
  • Overseas Engineers
  • Stainless Steel SUS304
  • 10- 2000kg/ H
  • Magnetron

Product Details

Worker Needed:1-2workers Energy Source:Electricity
Weight:2t Application:Herb Fruit Food Vegetable Seafood Wood etc
After- Sale Services:Overseas Engineers Machine Material:Stainless Steel SUS304
Capacity:10- 2000kg/ H Heating Way:Magnetron
Trademark:KLD Transport Package:Plastic Bag and Wooden Case
Specification:Fully stainless steel Origin:Shandong, China
HS Code:843800000

Product Description

Product Description

Microwave's unique characteristics of pnetration, radiation, absorption, etc. Determine that the grain dryer microwave dryer has a fast drying speed, high efficiency and short time. The drying function is accompaied by the functions of steilization and insecticidal eggs, which can extend the shelf life of the grains and improve the quality of the grains. In addition, the microwave dryer belongs to energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment. Compared with other drying methods, it can save more than 30% energy, and it does not produce any pollution.


Microwave heating equipment features: Compared with traditional equipment, microwave heating has the following characteristics:

1 High efficiency, low energy consumption
2 Uniform heating 
3 Fast drying speed 
4 No thermal inertia, instant opening and stopping, 5 safety and environmental protection, 6 operation Simple, easy to control and so on.

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