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The Latest Heating Microwave Equipment for Fast Food

The Latest Heating Microwave Equipment for Fast Food

Product Description Microwave fast food heating equipment ,ready to eat meal microwave snack heating equipment ,fast microwave fast food heating machine,microwave fast...
  • Shandong Xujia Machine
  • Wooden Packing
  • Stainless Steel
  • China Jinan
  • 8419310000

Product Details

Trademark:Shandong Xujia Machine Transport Package:Wooden Packing
Specification:Stainless Steel Origin:China Jinan
HS Code:8419310000

Product Description

Product Description

Microwave fast food heating equipment ,ready to eat meal microwave snack heating equipment ,fast microwave fast food heating machine,microwave fast food heating machine ,fast microwave snack heating machine,ready meal heating oven are suitable for heating ,low temperature sterilizing fast food and snack,widely used in industrial enterprise,school,fast food companies,restaurants,arena,exhibition and other fast food distribution.The advantages are :high productivity,continuous and fast ,can finish heating in 2 minutes ,don't destory the nutritional content of food ,don't change color ,don't change the flavor.

At the same time,because in the microwave heating process,microwave thermal and non-thermal effect together,plays a bactericidal role for fast food,meets with the food health indicators requirements.Microwave heating fast food equipment is the best choice for heating fast food.Equipment can be pointed reasonably designed according to your products productivity.

Features and benefits :
1. Good characteristics of not discharging exhaust gas and wastewater during work to realize its value and protecting our surrounding environment
2. We have different types of microwave equipment to meet your different needs.
3. Microwave heating equipment has simple operating system, uniform heating and fast speed.
4. Microwave heating equipment is an automatic equipment, which greatly saves labor costs.
5. Short delivery time. We have experienced workers who can manufacture microwave heating equipment or other microwave dehydration equipment in a short time.

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